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Still, still in the works:

  • Finish the discography. Yep.

  • New stuff, especially City- and Anthology- related.

  • Chat/posting board, site-wide search, more photos.

Past updates:

  • The map pages are finally updated.

  • Added Sessions at West 54th article.

  • New links on the Articles and audio interviews pages.

  • Housekeeping. (That's the name of a great movie, by the way.)

  • A couple of new links on the Articles page.

  • Many little fixes. Hard to tell but the small things do make a difference... and the big things are imminent.

  • Hush lyrics (see the albums page).

  • New links on the articles page, including an audio interview from 1988 (thanks, DB).

  • Changed the main page a little and added this page.

  • Four new links on the Articles page, including Jim Bessman's feature article on Hush.

  • Added album info, album cover images, and lyrics for Child, Lips, and Tree. Removed some broken links (and will fix them later). Also did a bit of sprucing here and there.