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The interviews on this page vary in quality and length, but they are all worth a listen.

(Some interviews have been edited for copyright reasons.)

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CBC Radio, Tapestry, 24 December 2000.

6 February 2001
time: 18:43; 44 kbps stream.
Includes song clips.

Tapestry, 24 December 2000.
See the Tapestry archives page or go directly to the RealAudio stream.


KCRW Radio, various interviews.

18 March 1999
time: 36:54 

28 April 1997
time: 37:10  

Morning Becomes Eclectic, 13 Nov 1995
Host: Chris Douridas
time: > 38 minutes; 16 kbps stream.  


Studio C, KBCO 97.3 FM, Boulder, CO, 8 November 1993. Interviewer: Ginger Havlat.

Part 1. time: 2:56; size: 346 KB.    
Jane talks about her mini-tour, and about photography and drawing.

Part 2. time: 5:19; size: 625 KB.    
Jane talks about When I Was Boy, "Calling All Angels," and Peter Gabriel's Real World recording studio.

Part 3. time: 6:19; size: 743 KB.     
Jane talks about writing "Bound By The Beauty," references to water, early musical influences, and cleaning house.


E-Town, National Public Radio, 7 November 1993.

Time: 3:41; size: 433 KB.    
Simplicity and "Clownliness is next to Godliness." Includes a short version of "Bound By The Beauty."


BBC Radio 1, Stereo Sequence, 6 August 1988.

Time: 14:46; 22 kbps stream  
(thanks to DB for this interview)



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