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You've stumbled upon No Borders Here, a fan-supported Web site about the Canadian singer-songwriter Jane Siberry. Some of what you find here is also on the Web site for Jane's record company, Sheeba Records (which we'll plug as often as possible), but there's some unique stuff here too. Use the options on the left to look around.

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Paul Mallet offers his thanks to the following people for helping out with the information provided here: Jennifer Albert, Bruce Beatus, Lee Chew, Robert Corbett, Jan Creelman, Peoria Fontaine, Clint Hawks, Brad Hutchinson, Paul Marko, John Miller, Larry Rose, Ross Van Woert, Joshin Yamada, Ian Young, all the members of the siblings electronic mailing list, and of course, Jane Siberry. A special thank you to Jeff Wasilko for hosting No Borders Here on SMOE.