Album Title: The Walking

Year Released: 1987


The White Tent The Raft
Red High Heels
Ingrid And The Footman
Lena Is A White Table
The Walking (And Constantly)
The Lobby
The Bird In The Gravel


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tiny dot
strand of sand
waves that sigh beneath the hand
I stand the singing seashore
the earth and you are round
I'm always apologizing
will I? do you?

chime, the feet
dry, the sand
clouds collect out at sea
start to run
this pink shell
this grey span
and a thousand pardons trail behind

lonely beach
ceaseless wind
still don't understand
run as fast
a missed beat
a quickening
I went to say I love you
but instead I said good-bye

I want a table
no, just for one
but I know you do
I can see some from here
okay, then say for two
no, there's only one
don't you want my business
I will never come back here

oh my love
faithless dove
all the love in the world...