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Album Info - The Walking

(from previous writings on Siberry)
In 1988, after signing with Reprise and releasing The Walking, Siberry made her first forays over the pond, much to the pleasure of exultant European reviewers. Describing her performance at the Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London the critics called Siberry 'spellbinding,' 'heart-stopping' and 'treasurable relic known as the "artist".'

Jane's Notes:
this record was originally going to be called "Twillingate." I see it as an autumn album, the blue of the cover too cool. really, it should have been dark reds, burnt oranges, golds. more like "when i was a boy." i recorded wrote the songs for this album in the basement where i recorded my first record. (i also wrote "the speckless sky" there). strings all around the little room with pages and pages of lyrics and music drawings. when i think of certain songs i see in minute detail the white-washed bricks on the wall so intently must i have been peering at it while i heard music in my head. "the white tent the raft" took up a whole wall. it was going to be around 35 minutes, i figured, each clearing expanding into a new song until you almost forgot where it came from and then side-stepping back at the last minute. there was a lot of difficulty at this time and I had bad headaches. i was grateful for the songs to lose myself into.

Twillingate was a small town in Newfoundland that was the setting for songs like Lena and Red High Heels. "first you go up the hill and then you...." chipping red nail polish and new found love and goodbyes. My sister told me a funny story about being in an elevator and wearing an unusual hat. It became The Lobby. I couldn't remember her telling me. People have to be careful what they say to me. My left brain doesn't always know what my right brain is doing. The Bird In the Gravel - "I don't mind when it's over, I don't mind when it's all done, it's just the moments in between, just before it's gone." The crux of it.