Album Title: Teenager

Year Released: 1996


The Squirrel Crossed The Road
Let's Not Talk Now
Song To My Father
Broken Birds
Puppet City
Oh My Sister
The Long Pirouette
We Should Be There By Morning
Viking Heart
When Spring Comes
Angel Voyeur
Trumpeter Swan


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I'm going to take a rope
and put it over her shoulders
and head for the river
and practice on boulders
and when she's real good
I'm going to build a big ramp
and me and that bovine
gonna vacate this camp

fly now
across the hills
everyone's watching
gonna give them a thrill

so pound up that ramp
your hooves sound like thunder
I'm Zeus - you're Pegasus
we're a six-legged wonder
it's our key to success
we'll be famous world over
I'll make lots of money
and you'll have sweet clover

fly now
across the sky
fetlocks a-flappin'
it's just you and I

and I won't tell the airforce about my schemes
I know they'd abuse you for their flying machines
and the farmers will curse me
when their cows take off from the fields
no meat for their markets
no milk for their meals

fly now
across the hills
everyone's watching
gonna give them a thrill

so don't let me down
oh, bovine be risen
come on, sweet Bessie
be just like my vision
don't back away Bessie
if you pull I'll push
and we'll weave a nice sine wave
up over the bush

fly now
across the hills
fetlocks a-flappin'
the earth's standing still
fly now
up in the sky
Bessie sweet Bessie
it's just you and I