Album Title: No Borders Here

Year Released: 1984


The Waitress
I Muse Aloud
Dancing Class
Extra Executives
You Don't Need
Symmetry (The Way Things Have to Be)
Follow Me
Mimi on the Beach
Map of the World (Part I)


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Dancing Class

I like to take a dancing class each year
it helps myself to keep in touch with me
and the girls I meet are different
than the ones I meet at work
and there's always at least
one sensitive guy

there is a girl I like to pair up with
she comes from Germany
she's beautiful
and I like the way she dresses
and I like the way she moves
we never speak
we only aquiesce

there is a mirror in the locker room
and sometimes after class we stay and dance
and she always shows me new steps
and I try to follow her
follow her?
Berlin is far away

I must stay
I must stay in shape
I must try
I must try new steps
must perfect
must perfect each move
that's harder?
I will try that then
but sometimes
sometimes I have fears
a strange and
a strange and dark force
is trying
trying to pry me
pry me from
pry me from myself
this is why
this is why I move
this is why
this is why I dance
must protect
must perfect each step
I must try
I must dance faster...

this is the last dancing class I'll have
the announcement came tonight after the class
she said you're two hundred years old now
there's no one left to hold you
this is the last dancing class you'll have