"An ethereal, erudite Canadian chanteuse of no fixed hairstyle, Jane Siberry's only artistic constant is a 'goal to make the best music I can make.' From the smart rock of The Speckless Sky to the spare simplicity of Bound By The Beauty to the Eno co-production When I Was a Boy, her idiosyncratic sounds elicit worshipful hosannas from critics and the growing cadre of Siberry fans."
- from Grooves


Who is Jane Siberry? Where did she come from? We can't fully answer the first question, but we'll try to provide a glimpse into the last.

(This page doesn't pretend to tell you much about the non-musical parts of Jane's life. That would be presumptuous.)

Select from the following slices of the brilliant career thus far:

The beginning
Angels and Gabriel
Maria to Sheeba

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