Angels and Gabriel

Siberry's next release would have to wait four years to see the light of day. Recorded between June of 1991 and January of 1993, When I Was A Boy yielded "Calling All Angels," which first appeared in Wim Wenders' film Until The End Of The World. (Another version of the song was later recorded for the soundtrack to the film Pay It Forward.)

Between releasing When I Was A Boy and her next album (Maria), Siberry was invited by Peter Gabriel to join a select group of musicians from around the world to participate in his Real World Recording Week in Bath, England. The results of the camp-like environment appear on three albums released by Real World Records. Says Siberry, "It was like a huge gift to me from Peter Gabriel. I was reminded in one week of the power of music generated by the musicians who pray when they play. The glamour of high tech manipulation (i.e., fix it 'til it's perfect) was returned to its appropriate place."

During this time, Siberry also co-wrote and recorded the closing title track ("It Can't Rain All The Time")for the film The Crow; recorded "Slow Tango" for Wim Wenders' film Faraway, So Close; and recorded "She's Like the Swallow" for Hector Zazou's collection Songs from the Cold Seas. In 1994, she was also invited to sing on the Indigo Girls album Swamp Ophelia, released on Epic Records. Jane's vocals lend warmth and expansiveness to two of the songs on that album, "Language Or The Kiss" and "Mystery".

Invigorated by her collaborative endeavors, Siberry returned to the studio to record Maria. The release of the album was followed by Siberry's first full band tour in six years, which took her across Canada and the U.S.

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