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Album Info - Bound by the Beauty


Produced by Jane Siberry and John Switzer


Jane Siberry: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Switz: bass, vocals, percussion, electric guitar
Kenny: electric guitar, vocals, slide guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, 12-string, harmonica
Teddy Borowieki: piano, accordion, sleigh bells
Wendell Ferguson: pedal steel
David Pilch: stand-up bass

Backing vocals: Jane, Anne, Switz, Kenny, Gina Stepaniuk, Cheri Camp, Don Freed, David Ramsden, Rebecca Jenkins

From previous writings on Siberry

"The Walking was cinematic in nature and multi-layered, both musically and thematically. The follow-up album in 1989, Bound By The Beauty, was a conscious attempt on Siberry's part to downplay the emphasis on the lyrical eccentricity, complexity and perfectionism that distinguished her earlier work. Recorded in a a relaxed studio set in the middle of an Ontario apple orchard the album contained songs that seemed both spontaneous and bathed in primary colours. With titles like "Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog", "Something About Trains", "The Life Is The Red Wagon" and "Hockey", Bound By The Beauty illustrated the wry humour and naive charm that had endeared Siberry to her concert audience but had thus far remained untapped on her albums."