the still point Best Albums of 1998

Best Album
VPN: Small Wire

God Is My Co-Pilot: Get Busy

The Rest of the Best
Beekeeper: Ostrich
The Black Heart Procession: 1
The Cardigans: Gran Turismo
Cadallaca: Introducing…
Eliza Carthy: Red Rice
Sick Bees: On the One
Snowpony: The Slow-Motion World of…
Sunny Day Real Estate: How It Feels to Be Something On

Best EP
Skulpey: The Chopper

Best Video/Live Album
Portishead: PNYC

Discovery of the Year
Sarah Slean: Universe

Honorable Mentions
Tori Amos: from the choirgirl hotel
Babe the blue OX: The Way We Were
PJ Harvey: Is This Desire?
Kristin Hersh: Strange Angels
June of 44: Four Great Points

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