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Mannlist Introduction: Rules and Responsibilities

The Mannlist was created to discuss the music of Aimee Mann.
It started around 1995 and is now at its third home at

The Mannlist was created for and by Aimee's fans and has no formal affiliation with Aimee or her management.
However, Aimee's manager, Michael Hausman, does occasionally read the Mannlist. 

It is ok to discuss other *related* topics of interest to list members (e.g., the latest U2 CD)
but you should always begin an "off topic" message subject line with OT.
Please use common sense about what is *related*.
If you want to talk about things that are completely unrelated (especially politics), please
e-mail each other privately or seek membership on appropriate mailing lists.

It is NOT permissable to sell Aimee Mann bootlegs (live recordings and other materials
that are not available commercially from SuperEgo, V2, Geffen, Epic, etc.).
The sale of these materials is illegal and those who do are ripping off Aimee and her band. 

Do NOT post attachments to the Mannlist.
Many list members have slow connections, and forcing them to download multi-megabyte files is inconsiderate.
Please post attachments on yours or a friend's Web site, or post a link to an appropriate ftp site. 

Above all remember that the Mannlist is a community.
Please be considerate of others.
NEVER attack anyone directly.
For example, its ok to voice an opinion like "that song is idiotic".
It is NOT ok to say to a fellow Mannlister "you are an idiot if you like that song".  

I will try to be as invisible as possible as a moderator.
However, I will intervene if anyone breaks the above rules.
And I reserve the right to remove any member of the Mannlist at any time without prior notice. 

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