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The list happyshows is intended for those Happy Rhodes fans 
who like to listen to and trade live shows. Happy hasn't done 
all that many live shows, but there are enough, and some people 
want to hear them.

Happy is aware of happyshows and tries hard not to think about 
it. She's a fan of Yes and Queen and understands the desire to 
want to hear live performances. At the same time, as an artist, 
she cringes at the thought of mistakes and technical problems 
being heard by those who weren't there or remembered by those 
who were. After a back-and-forth discussion, Happy is resigned 
to, as I said to her, "being an artist with geeky fans who like 
to do geeky fannish things like share concerts." (That wasn't 
meant in a derogatory way, I'm as geeky as they come). Happy's 
ok with all this as long as we refrain from mentioning her 
mistakes and show problems to her. She'd rather not remember. 

To quote Happy:
"I just need time to put my head deep enough up my ass as to
never hear any of these recordings. And you can quote me."

I said, "I will!" :)

I don't intend for this list to be a big secret. Anyone who's 
interested in Happy's live performances should be able to join. 
However, an interested person must be a member of this mailing 
list before they can download the shows that are on 
Of course, I can't really enforce that, but I can't see it being 
a big problem either. It's not like Happy's a famous person who 
might attract people who'd be up to no good. I can't even think 
of a no good thing someone might want to do with an audience 
recording of a Happy Rhodes show. Sell bootlegs on ebay? I don't 
think so.

This is my first time running a mailing list, so be kind to my 
mistakes. If you have any questions, just ask. I'll be putting 
together a mini-FAQ so take a look at that.


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