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dusty-bookworms is a list of people, many of whom know each other previously
from the Guided by Voices band mailing list (,
maybe some of whom don't.  Our purpose is to read and mutually discuss
intelligent, interesting, and unusual books.  Suggestions for books are
made by individual members of the group, and we usually spend one month
on each book.  Discussion on the books will take place on list.

The primary instigator for the list is/was Doug Wright
<>.  The list administrator is Wayne Tackabury

BOOKS:  The current history of books for the group, by month, is as follows:
    July, 1998, : Charles Bukowski, *Hollywood*
    September, 1998 : Daniel Goldhagen, *Hitler's Willing Executioners*
    December, 1998 : Thomas Hamilton, *The Charmer*
    February, 1999 : H.P. Lovecraft Collection
    April, 1999 : Arundhati Roy, *The God of Small Things*
    June, 1999 : Thomas Harris, *Hannibal*
    August, 1999 : Frank McCormick, *Angela's Ashes"
    October, 1999 : Kaye Gibbons, *Charms for the Easy Life*
    January, 2000 : Fyodor Dostoyevsky, *The Possessed* (aka *Devils*)
    March, 2000 : Cormac McCarthy, *All The Pretty Horses*
    April, 2000 : Charles Frazier, *Cold Mountain*
    August, 2000 : Lucia St. Clair Robson, *Ride the Wind*
    February, 2002 : Blood Meridian (C. McCarthy)    Phil
    July, 2002 : Mark Leyner, *Et Tu Babe*
    September, 2002 : Bill Veeck, *Veeck As in Wreck*
    October, 2003 :  William Gibson, *Pattern Recognition*
    December, 2003 : C. D. Payne, *Youth in Revolt*
    May, 2004 : James Ellroy, *White Jazz*

SUBSCRIBING: To subscribe to the list at any time:

   -- send mail to
   -- the mail subject can be anything or nothing (dontcare)
   -- the mail body should say "subscribe dusty-bookworms"

You will get a confirmation message almost immediately.

ARCHIVES:  You can get monthly archives for the list for any current or
previous month (since the list was moved to this server in February of 
2004).  They are kept in monthly digests in a sort of virtual file system 
on the list server, underneath a directory mount point of /archive.  You 
can get a listing of these 'files' (digests) by doing the following:

     -- send mail to
     -- the mail subject can be anything or nothing (dontcare)
     -- the message body should say 'index dusty-bookworms archive/'.

To get a 'file' (archive) for a month
     -- the message body should be one or more lines of the form
           "get dusty-bookworms dusty-bookworms.YYYYMM" where MM ==
           the digits of the month, and YYYY == the digits
           of the year.  So, for example, to get August, 2004's
           archive, you'd say "get dusty-bookworms

The entire content for that month will be returned to you in a mail message.

Please contact Wayne <> if you have
any questions.

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