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[Update: Tue Jun 13 12:17 PDT 2006]

Audities-List Description:

The Audities mailing list is for the discussion of "insanely great
pop". Inspired by the late music journal Audities, the list is run 
independently of any magazine, record label, reseller, musical artist
or group or other industry entities. Audities is an open list, and 
anything related to pop, power pop, melodic alternative, country
inspired pop or pop-punk is welcome, although posters are expected 
to keep their writings about the music. List operation began in 
September 1996 and current membership numbers 660.

Audities is an unmoderated mailing list. Incoming mail is immediately
resent to per-message list members. Digest members get a collection of
all posts since the previous digest, averaging 2 digests of 20 posts
each per day. Only list members may post; others are returned to sender.
New subscriptions are moderated briefly to block spammers and bots.

Complete Audities-List info: <>
To contact the list owner, send mail to <>

SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: You may use the web form on this page to
subsribe, or click one of the headers at the top of the page for
other tasks. For more information, cick on the "Help" link.

If you prefer email, Send mail to -- <> with any of 
the following instructions in the BODY of the message:

 info audities
   Retrieve information about the Audities-List

 subscribe audities [<address>]
   Subscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) to Audities, per-message delivery

 subscribe-set audities digest [<address>]
   Subscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) to Audities, digest delivery

 unsubscribe audities [<address>]
   Unsubscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) from Audities

   Retrieve Majordomo help including detailed command instructions

Category: Music, Discussion
Description For the discussion of insanely great pop music.
Digests daily: The Audities Digest: for the discussion of insanely great pop
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