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Welcome to Strong Lions, the Robert Pollard discussion list

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Strong Lions Rules
(Failure to follow the rules below may result in removal from the list without prior notice)

Strong Lions Introduction

Strong Lions started in March of 2005. This coincides with the breakup of Guided By Voices and the focus solely on Robert Pollard as a solo artist. Discussion of this list will be limited to the musical output of Robert Pollard. Postal Blowfish exists for folks who want to discuss topics other than Bob. If you need help on how to get subscribed to Postal Blowfish, let me know. This list will be STRICTLY geared towards Robert Pollard discussion only. I WILL enforce these rules.

Please keep in mind that this list is run by a close personal friend of Bob's. While criticism of Bob's music is perfectly fine, any personal attacks or questions in to Bob's private life will not be tolerated.

Please be considerate of others on this list. Behavior that is way off base and out of line will not be tolerated.

It is NOT permissible to SELL Guided By Voice/Robert Pollard bootlegs (live recordings and other materials that are not available commercially). The sale of these materials is illegal and those who do are ripping off Bob and his band. 

I will try to be as invisible as possible as a moderator. However, we will intervene if anyone breaks the above rules.

And I reserve the right to remove any member of Strong Lions at any time without prior notice.

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