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Welcome to The Nields Nook! ...

nook, n. 1. a corner, as in a room. 2. any remote, sheltered spot.
... just perfect for reading and writing, ... about The Nields!

Here's the on-line mailing list for general discussion and announcements
about The Nields. It's intended to complement the Nields Official Web Site
( )

To post a note on the Nields Nook, send your e-mail to:

If you ever decide to leave the Nook (and we hope you don't!), send an 
e-mail to which says:
   unsubscribe nields-nook

If you have a question (technical or otherwise) about the mailing list, 
just send an e-mail to:

What this is:

It's an open forum for you to discuss your thoughts and opinions (or to
find out about) the Nields.  Encouraged topics or ideas for discussion

* shows (planning for upcoming concerts, reviewing past shows, play lists)

* albums (All Together Singing In The Kitchen, Songs for Amelia, This Town Is Wrong, Love & China, Live In Northampton, If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now, Play, Mousse, Greta, Abigail, Bob, Iron Horse, Hoxsey Street)

* music (the band and the duo, the electric & acoustic, the lead & rhythm, the loud & soft)

* lyrics (your interpretations of the clever, the mysterious)

* and just about anything else (just about -- see below)

What this isn't:

The Nields Nook is not intended to be a dialogue with Nerissa, Katryna,
David, Dave and Dave. The Nields will not be interacting with this
mailing list.  Although, if something does come up that needs to be
brought to their attention, the list owner will take care of that.

At all times:

* Use of inappropriate language (i.e. the Seven Deadly Words) is greatly
discouraged.  Please keep in mind that your fellow Nookers comprise a 
very wide age range, starting at young as junior high.  If it's not 
something you'd want your kids reading on the Internet, don't post it.

* If you are posting on a topic that does not directly relate to the music of The Nields, but is of general interest to Nookers, you MUST precede the subject line with "NNC:".  This stands for No Nields Content, and is intended to be an aid for busy Nookers who only have time to pick and choose what they read on the Nook.

* Please apply proper internet etiquette and above all, be respectful of
the opinions of others.  Ad hominem attacks upon another Nooker on the 
list are expressly forbidden.  The listowners reserve the right to 
immediately unsubscribe and ban from the list anyone who fails to "Be 
Nice To Me".
... but most of all:

let's have more fun than you can shake a stick at!!!

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