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     **** Welcome to Aine Minogue's Announcement List ****

Thanks so much for signing up for the Aine Minogue Announcement List.  You
are most welcome!

You are on this list because you signed up for it, either at a
show, or through

There are many advantages to being on this list.  Members will often have
exclusive access to free downloads, streaming audio and video, as well as
special offers that will be offered exclusively to our listed members.
(there is no membership fee)

We sincerely appreciate the fact that you have given us permission to email
you from time to time.   We consider the members of the announcement list to
be our core fan base and as such are committed to giving as much and as
often as is possible to our members.   Special links will be emailed to
Members with links to areas of the site that are for their exclusive use and
enjoyment such as versions of album tracks that are not on the albums but
that we think you may enjoy.

While this list will keep you up to date on Aine Minogue's tour schedule,
album release and ordering information - it is Not our intent to send out a
notice unless we fell that it is warranted.  Simply put, we're committed to
not "overdoing it."    Our goal is to update you on events or releases that
we genuinely feel that you would like to know about, as opposed to emailing
you on a constant basis.

If at any time you want to unsubscribe from this announcement
list, simply send a message to:

If you need to talk to a human, send e-mail to:

Thanks for joining the list and I hope to see you at a show soon or hear
from you at the website at!

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