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Welcome to the Hear At The HOMe (formerly Live At The House O'Muzak) house concerts announcements list!

You have been added to this list because you either signed up for our 
mailing list at one of our house concerts, or have recently contacted us
about our series.  We've set up this announcement list to make things 
easier to deal with on our end.  Don't be afraid -- we're not spamming 
you!  :)

This is an announcement-only mailing list, made to keep you informed 
about the concerts we present in our living room.  We send out very few 
mailings -- at most three a month during our September-to-May season -- 
and we will never, ever give your e-mail address to anyone else.

Of course, we don't want to send you any mail you don't want to receive. 
If you wish to be removed from this announcements list, simply send an 
email to  Or, you can contact Meredith 
directly at

(And if you're wondering -- yes, there is a reason why we changed our 
series' name.  It has to do with a certain concern which supplies 
elevator music to the masses, and a cease-and-desist letter we received 
therefrom.  Ain't legalities grand?)

We hope to see you at another of our concerts soon!

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