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Welcome to the Different-Drummers, e-discussion list for fans of Cadence 
1.  Please be polite and respectful of other members' opinions.  While you 
might not always agree with someone, you should respect their right to have 
an opinion, even if you think they're nuts.  

2.  Be succinct.  Remember that many members receive their mail at their 
workplace and may not have time to read long missives.  Avoid including whole 
other messages in your reply unless it's absolutely necessary (just include 
the relevant quote for context).  If you're sending in something off-topic or 
with no Cadence Carroll content, put something in heading regarding who or 
what it is about.

3.  Private responses to individual e-mails should happen off list.  Make 
sure that your mail is of interest to several members before posting to the 
list.  Also, be advised that hitting "Reply" will send mail to the entire 
list, so if it's your intention to just reply to the person who sent it, make 
sure to take the list address out of there and put in the individual's (I 
can't tell you how many times I have forgotten to do this).  
4.  Keep on or near the topic of Cadence Carroll.  Some digression is fine 
but try not to let it get out of hand. 

5.  Any discussion about Cadence Carroll's personal life, where she lives, 
her family, friends, etc., is STRICTLY forbidden unless it's been put in 
the public domain by Cadence or her associates.

If a member does not adhere to these guidelines or in any way bothers 
other members of the list, then we will contact that person directly.  If the 
problems persist, that person will be unsubscribed from the list.

So glad you subscribed!  Have fun, play nice, support independent music 
wherever you find it and whenever you can!

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