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Audities needs a FAQ - please contact the list owner is you are 
interested in contributing to the Audities FAQ. We also need an 
official FAQ maintainer.

list owner address:

Some preliminary FAQ entries:
with any of the following instructions in the BODY of the message:

 info audities
   Retrieve information about the Audities-List

 subscribe audities [<address>]
   Subscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) to Audities, per-message delivery

 subscribe-set audities digest [<address>]
   Subscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) to Audities, digest delivery

 unsubscribe audities [<address>]
   Unsubscribe yourself (or ADDRESS) from Audities

   Retrieve Majordomo help including detailed command instructions

Due to privacy issues the Audities-List archives formerly housed
at Mail-Archive.COM have been deleted. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Smoe.ORG archives Audities posts from 1/23/03. To find out how to
retrieve archived posts, send an email to <> with the 
line "help" in the message body.

Posts have also been archived on Yahoo Groups, although recent changes
(as of September 2002) limit archive rentention to about 2 years of 
posts. Searching is limited per 5000 post blocks, about 150 days, and 
Yahoo registration is required to access. URL:

You CANNOT become a participating Audities-List member via Yahoo Groups. 
It is NOT the mailing-list; it it only an archive site.

Category: Music, Discussion
Description For the discussion of insanely great pop music.
Digests daily: The Audities Digest: for the discussion of insanely great pop
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